Meet Dr. Bobby Raber

I have been treating patients in the greater Prescott area since 2006. My wife Beth and I moved to Arizona after completing a pediatric residency at the prestigious Temple Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia. Two of my five kids were born right here in Prescott. Over the years, I have coached many sports teams from multiple sports and organizations, volunteered as a Boy Scout leader for more than a decade, and am very active in our church youth group. I love my family. Spending time with them is my favorite thing to do (along with dancing with Beth).” – The Guy in Charge 

Happy Kids

Dr. Bobby Raber believes that happy families are important, and children in pain are not happy. Perhaps the greatest reward for Dr. Raber is the knowledge that he is helping children and families have happy, disease-free lives. Dr. Raber is always willing to give out his personal cell number and works very hard to serve children with emergencies. As an adjunct staff member at YRMC, he is prepared to help his patients in the office or in the emergency room. 

Special Place in His Heart

Dr. Raber loves special needs children and adults. Hang around the office and you will hear him say that the special needs patients are the only ones he gets to see his whole career. Everyone else grows up and graduates to an adult dentist. Special needs patients need special care. Many dentists just don’t want to spend the time or effort needed to help these children grow into regular, happy dental patients. Dr. Raber offers frequent happy visits to help acclimate to the office and staff. He often meets new patients in the parking lot and over time invites them into the office, operatory, and finally the dental chair. Dr. Raber has hospital privileges and offers a full spectrum of sedation and general anesthesia. Many of his special needs patients came from offices where the prior doctor just would not take the time or put forth the effort to help these children become happy, regular dental patients. 

Treat the Child, Not Just the Teeth

Parents need to know what’s going on in the dental office. Dr. Raber allows and encourages parents to be present in the operatory during every procedure including restorative dentistry, oral sedation, and in-office general anesthesia. This allows parents the opportunity to take part in treatment decisions and behavior management when their child is scared and needs the reassurance of a parent.

Dr. Raber discourages the use of a papoose board unless medically necessary in emergent situations. He believes that restoring a tooth is a complete failure if the child was traumatized in the process. The experiences his patients have in his office today will affect whether they continue going to the dentist for the rest of their lives. Dr. Raber believes in treating the child, not just the teeth. 

Education is the Key

As a board-certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Raber is an advocate for higher education and staying up on the cutting edge of products used in dentistry. He believes in using minimally invasive techniques to preserve tooth structure, decrease the amount of treatment, and minimize radiographic exposure to our children. There are many chemicals and foreign substances used in dentistry, many of which are carcinogenic or otherwise potentially harmful. Rest assured that Dr. Raber has taken a great effort in ensuring minimal exposure to anything that could one day prove harmful to our children.

Yep, He Has a Flaw

Perhaps his greatest flaw (if you can call it that!) is his personable character. He takes the time (sometimes too much time!) to get to know each and every one of his patients, gaining their trust in the process. He truly loves to get to know his patients and their families. If this does not sound like your dentist, perhaps it is time for a change. We welcome you to come in and get to know Dr. Raber and his staff as you become part of our family.

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